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Live instructors are great at training but nothing beats the personal touch and wealth of experience they bring to the topic, nothing that is except a professionally crafted video that features a live instructor who uses charts, graphics, video clips and 3D animations to clearly explain the topic or concept. This kind of video greatly increases memory retention of both visual and auditory adult learners.

Video courses can be delivered in the classroom to complement an instructor or over the web as part of an on-line learning resource. By replacing printed materials and training manuals It greatly reduces material and development costs and best of all, it is always available to work at any time or location!


Training is a developed skill. I have a wealth of experience in industrial and resource sector industries in product engineering, maintenance and marketing areas. My background as a technical writer and now video producer has developed that skill to communicate complicated subjects in an easy to understand and concise manner. No on-the-job training here.

I can create a training video for you, or create an entire training program with visuals, course outlines, support materials and web enabled access.

No matter how complex or simple your training needs are, give me a call and let’s discuss your needs and vision.
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Instruction in the correct use of AE Defibrillators plus a review of CPR procedure
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Correct procedures to load and unload mobile equipment from flatbed rail cars

A trailer of a video designed to train both public and professional people in the use of AE Defibrillators and a review of CPR.

Depicts the correct method for loading large excavators onto rail cars. Camera work and editing is by Image Video Services and Productions.